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Model No : 012153

Packing : Colour box, 20pcs/box


  • Polishing surface
  • Custom-made adjusting nut(screw)
  • TEFLON universal adapter
  • PTFE ball inside the adapter
  • Superb airtightness


  1. Spray gun is used for injecting polyurethane (PU) foam sealant, such as 750 and 500mL volume in can/tin
  2. Immobilization and installation of the door frame
  3. Installation and sealing of the window frame
  4. Filling, sealing and heat preservation of bathtub, bathroom and so on
  5. Moisture-resistant and heat preservation of wall and roof
  6. Immobilization and insulation of the stuff/object indoor
  7. Filling and sealing the gap between pipe and wall
  8. Leak-free monolithic seal over entire roof deck/substrate
  9. Other fields of or related to building material

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